Irina and I were working on a routine petition when I suddenly found myself rejected by my family, and essentially left to fend for myself wherever the waves tossed me. In this unexpected turn of events Irina stepped up as my anchor, walked me through my options, and helped me defend my integrity and my worth not just as an immigrant but also as a human being and contributing member of society.

She gave me step-by-step instructions about what needs to be done; carefully evaluated all documentation I sent her; and responded promptly with feedback, answers, and any further advice, as needed. By standing by my side, Irina helped me to stand up for myself and to carry on. I trust that Manelis Law will bring positive futures to many more. Thank you, Irina!”
— I.B.
Ms Irina Menelis consulted me with my wife’s immigration process and I could not stop saying how professional and simple she made it to be, she was always ready to answer any questions ( I had a lot), and was a great experience me and my wife had. Couldn’t of asked for better service. Thank you Irina and good luck!
— Vittorio Barbarossa
My wife and I were looking for an immigration attorney to help us with petition for Green Card. We had difficult time finding the one we could count on and trust, until we found Irina Manelis. We were very much impressed by the efficiency with which our lawyer Irina handled our case. Most communication were via e-mail, and all of our concerns, however minor, were promptly addressed. Along the way Irina was on top of everything and always kept us informed with the statues of our documents. We highly recommend Irina Manelis.
— Liza and Mark
Irina is a true professional. She is knowledgeable, empathetic, and just as important, an expert in her field. Irina was a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend her.
— Phil Webster
Irina Manelis helped my husband obtain legal status in the United States. My husband’s case was one in which extra care and work were required. He had been present in the United States for over 20 years illegally and he had drinking and driving charges. Irina worked hard with us. She stood with us and helped us with the hard choices. She slowed things down when they needed to be and speed things up when the time was right. She answered each and every one of our questions and most especially mine. I had many fears and concerns that had to be constantly laid to rest. I had to be reassured time and time again that My husband and I were making the decisions in the best interest of our case and our family. I can say with all honesty that I don’t know what I would have done without her support, patience and without the extra time she took for my husband and myself. Truth be told we will never be able to Thank Irina enough for all her hard work and devotion.
— Karen & Pedro
I was in the United States for a number of years and tried several lawyers to help me with my immigration problems. After spending thousands of dollars without having any success, I had given up. Then I decided to try one more time with Irina’s help. She believed in my case from the very start and was there for me every step of the way. I went from being on the deportation list to being a permanent resident. And now I’m on my way to becoming a US citizen all thanks to Irina!
— D.T.
Ms. Manelis consulted my immigration case and I am beyond happy with the way she handled our case. I am happy to highly recommend her and her firm as she is highly qualified, very nice, and very easy to work with. Thank you for your hard work!
— Mako Zulmatashvili Cecire
My case was super complicated and Irina helped through my immigration process. It was such a pleasure working with Irina, she is really professional and knowledgeable. She cares about her clients and she is really honest and responsive. Thank you Irina for all your help and hard work. It is my privilege to recommend Irina as an excellent immigration lawyer.
— Octaviano Bravo
It was solely through the work and guidance of Irina, that we were able to receive my husband’s permanent resident visa. We had attempted the immigration process in the past, and were forced to give up, after waiting in separate countries for the first 18 months after we were married. This time around, Irina was there to assist us in every step, guiding us through the entire document completion process. She helped us to prepare for our personal interview and fully updated us on what to expect.

The pinnacle, however, was when we were denied the visa, based upon a nonsensical bureaucratic glitch, and apart from Irina, had nowhere to turn. Irina single-handedly stood up to the USCIS on our behalf. She fought for our rights, even to the extent of ruffling feathers to ensure justice was served. Her interjections on our behalf was the only reason we received my husband’s visa and were able to stay in the United States.

Irina has proven that she will move mountains when needed, and more so, eases the complexities, fears and anxieties surrounding the entire immigration process, through every step on the way. Thank you so much for your efforts and hard work on our behalf. You are a strong willed and competent immigration attorney and your work has literally changed the course of our lives for the better!
— Safra Granot